Green Bunker Fuels

birds eye view of LNG vessel at sea

Vitol Bunkers enables you to offset your bunker emissions through the use of Verified Emissions Reductions (VERs).

We use only the highest quality VERs, conforming to the highest international standards and sourced from both our existing portfolio and the wider market.

The benefits of offsetting with Green Bunker Fuels

With companies increasingly required to measure and report their emissions, Green Bunker Fuels enables you to offer your customers the opportunity to offset and reduce their carbon footprint on every cargo delivered.

Most companies are looking at ways of reducing their carbon footprint. By offering your customers a Green Bunker Fuels option you can help them on this journey and ensure that your offering remains cutting edge.

Why partner with Vitol?

Green Bunker Fuels combine Vitol’s expertise in the efficient and safe delivery of fuels with its market leading position in carbon markets. Vitol has built its carbon portfolio over many years, adhering to only the highest standards.

For over 15 years we have been an active participant in the development of both compliance and voluntary carbon markets and we have a presence across global Emissions Trading Schemes worldwide (EU, Americas and Asia Pacific).

Through our Green Bunkers offering, we will deploy this to offer you tailored offset solutions to suit your requirements, fully integrated in your operations.

By investing in registered and certified carbon reduction programmes around the world we can accompany you through the entire offset purchase process from sourcing offsets corresponding to your geographical, operational and sustainable needs, through to offset retirement.

Specialist products we offer include industry-specific markets (EU FQD, CORSIA, aviation & shipping, etc.) as well as green power and renewables (IREC, GOO, green gas, etc.)


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