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ZeroNorth helps Singapore take further leap towards digitalised bunkering, as Vitol Bunkers goes live

Singapore-headquartered Vitol Bunkers’ deployment of eBDN strengthens Singapore’s position as leading digital bunkering hub.

​​Technology company ZeroNorth is now providing its eBDN (electronic bunker delivery note) solution on 12 barges operated by Vitol Bunkers in Singapore for supply to its shipping customers. The deployment of eBDN will help Vitol Bunkers streamline workflows, eliminate the risk of manual errors, enhance efficiencies and reduce costs. The rollout also supports the Maritime & Port Authority of Singapore’s (MPA) goal of enabling digitalised bunkering.

In being amongst the first to adopt eBDN to supply its customers, Vitol Bunkers demonstrates its high degree of confidence in the tangible benefits that the technology can provide; optimising bunker procurement, verifying purchased fuel quantities, eliminating delays and ensuring smoother transactions as well as providing greater data accuracy and quality.

As one of the world’s largest bunkering ports, Singapore announced the launch of a digital bunkering initiative in November 2023. The MPA is planning to make eBDN mandatory to enhance collaboration between bunker buyers and suppliers, enable better reporting of emissions and achieve time and cost savings.

After comprehensive testing to validate its regulatory compliance functionality, data accuracy and security, the MPA granted ZeroNorth’s eBDN solution whitelisting approval. ZeroNorth currently serves 56 barges and 10 customers in Singapore. The continued adoption of eBDN will enable more and more suppliers and buyers to see the benefits of digitalised bunkering, avoiding delays and inaccuracies across the value chain.

Mr Ng Yi Han, Director (Innovation, Technology & Talent Development) at the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), said: “Digital bunkering can boost the efficiency and transparency of the bunkering process in Singapore. Since the launch of the digital bunkering initiative last November, the MPA is encouraged to see more licensed bunker suppliers, ship owners, and operators, including Vitol Bunkers, adopting digital bunkering solutions. Using the whitelisted solutions, including ZeroNorth’s solution, to complete and issue digital bunkering documents can help save many man-days per year, which companies can redirect to other value-added work.”

Rishab Bahl, Managing Director at V-Bunkers, added: “Adopting ZeroNorth’s eBDN solution has marked a step change in our bunker delivery processes. Aligned with our objective to reduce emissions through greater operational efficiencies, it will allow us to optimise our operations and enhance collaboration with bunker buyers, allowing all stakeholders to minimise costs, achieve greater data accuracy and avoid delays.

“We believe the roll-out of eBDN in Singapore and globally will be an accelerant for identifying further opportunities to digitalise critical information about the fuel. In the years to come the regulatory requirements including proof of sustainability will put significant administrative burdens on both the buyer and the suppliers; here eBDN can play a valuable role.”

Kenneth Juhls, Managing Director, ZeroNorth Bunker, said: “Singapore is one of the world’s most important bunkering hubs as well as a key market for us. It is a first mover in terms of digital technologies, and we are proud to be supporting customers like Vitol in pioneering their digitalisation strategy.

“Beyond a technical change, the adoption of eBDN has also been a lesson in change management at a massive scale, affecting teams across back office, operations, barge crew, surveyors and chief engineers. By collaborating closely with Vitol Bunkers, we have been able to ensure the smooth transition to eBDN and we look forward to expanding its use to other locations with Vitol Bunkers.”

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